Hand Blown Glass, Fabric, and Perforated Metal Fixtures

LumenArt’s flexible design system lets you combine glass with color, texture and shape to create the perfect light fixture for your needs.

Most lighting companies offer just three color selections. At LumenArt, you can choose from a palette of 24 standard glass colors. And you can combine those colors to create any color you can imagine. To create a fixture that provides beautiful white diffused light, start with a white glass base, then add colors to compliment your interior design.

Use sand-etching or acid-etching techniques for additional diffusion or texture. LumenArt offers a phot-resist process for etching logos or signage on any type of glass. At LumenArt, we stock hundreds of molds for bending glass into different shapes and sizes for wall sconces, pendants, and ceiling fixtures. Combine these molds with our waterjet-cutting capabilities, and we can create almost any shape you have in mind.

Here are your options:

Option 1 Choose one of our many standard lighting fixtures and apply your own design to the face using our palette of standard glass colors.

Option 2 Sketch your own glass shape and we will attach it to one of our many standard lighting backplates. Waterjet-cutting allows us to create any imaginable shape to which you can add colors from our standard palette.

Option 3 Let us provide a quote for your custom glass lighting needs.

LumenArt’s handcrafted wall sconces, pendants and ceiling fixtures are designed in matching families. They’re perfect or commercial applications such as corporate interiors, hotels, and restaurants. Given today’s needs for energy-efficient lighting, LumenArt fixtures are designed for maximum performance and efficiency using compact fluorescent lamps with electronic ballasts.


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